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Prognosis Fair to Poor…

Back in February those were the words spoken after receiving a vet exam. Ember’s body condition score was 1-2 out of 9, no palatable feces and anemic. She had been forgotten, ignored, and at the edge of leaving her frail and emaciated body. She arrived at SFA to be given one last and final chance […]

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Easter – it’s not for Bunnies

Those cute little twitching noses, the little fuzzy tails, and soft ears are easy to fall for and think wouldn’t that be cute on Easter morning!? Bunnies are not just alive on Easter – what happens the day after and the day after that? Did you know bunnies can live for 12 – 15 years […]

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Updating our website

All information such as our adoptable animals and considerations forms will remain available while we make our changes. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone. We appreciate your patience!

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Who we are…

Our goal is to provide a “Happy Place” for homeless animals. No matter the path that brought them here, the animals have found safety, commitment, love and respect at Solutions for Animals, Inc. Some have never experienced these simple acts of kindness and responsibility. Others have, but an unfortunate owner illness or death has left […]

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